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BulkReoProduct.com :: Company Info
BulkReoProduct.com presents an easy approach to locating discounted properties and offering them for sale at wholesale prices to investors.

We are dedicated to the highest standards of real estate wholesaling for our investors.

If you are a rehabber, you have found an excellent and reliable alternative to acquire properties that have already been pre-screened and negotiated to the absolute best price, objectively evaluated for repairs, and ready for acquisition.

We try to provide as much information as possible, including estimated after-repair value, estimated cost of repair, etc. Ultimately you are responsible for doing your due diligence.

How BulkReoProduct.com Works

    * BulkReoProduct.com locates a distressed property and negotiates a contract at the lowest possible price

    * Our contracts are written with the buyer being an entity with "and/or assigns"

    * As an investor, you will acquire the property from us through an "Assignment Of Contract" or buy the house directly from us

    * If you buy through an assignment of contract, you will "take over" the contract for an assignment fee payable at closing and funding

    * If you are a real estate agent, working with an investor, you must be paid through your buyer. We do not pay Realtor commissions in these wholesale deals

    * If you as an investor decide to purchase a property from BulkReoProduct.com, you must sign and return the contract, along with earnest money addressed to the specified title company within 24 hours of BulkReoProduct.com providing the contract

    * Unless otherwise stated, you must pay cash for BulkReoProduct.com wholesale deals, have a line of credit , a private or hard money lender or some other way to come up with the money for the entire transaction
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