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Automatic Beer Keg Washing and Filling Line
Main function and feature
1.This machine is full-automatic, can complete beer keg station transferring, washing and filling automatically. without manual operation.
2. With separate cleaning function, can be used for keg washing machine.
3. Mechanical transmission mechanism adopts mechanical crank linkage method, to make sure equipment operation stable, reliable and accurate positioning, and avoid the occurrence of failure rate
4. the equipment is equipped with automatic flow detection device, pressure detection device, residual liquid detection device, keg spear open detection device and working station alarm.
5. Filling station adopts CO2 pressurization and total-closed filling method, to guarantee the low foam and low consumption of beer, accurate filling volume, beer loss can be controlled below 1%.
6. Water tank can supply water automatic, heat automatic and keep constant temperature.
7.Filling capacity parameters can be set and adjusted on touch screen so that the error can be adjusted in time. The touch screen can real-time display number of kegs and filling capacity.
8. With functions of beer keg outside washing, automatic weighing and keg turning
9.Could product the beer bottle or tinplate Washing and Filling Line(user-selectable).

Main technical parameters

working process:

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