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Florida Equity Share Partnership Executive Summary


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I am interested in partnering with companies and individuals within The USA and Internationally that want to purchase income producing properties at pennies on the dollar. The partnerships that I am seeking are long term profit sharing real estate ventures. There are too many residential and commercial properties here in Florida going and have gone under. Banks are seriously overwhelmed and have to end up auctioning off the real estate to keep afloat and remove properties off their books to raise what cash they can and follow government guidelines. Shopping centers, strip malls, apartment complexes, hotels, resorts, office complexes are here for the smart investor to cash in and purchase properties starting at $.22C on the dollar. I have numerous sources sending me wholesale properties and direct bank reo managers that are begging to liquidate their real estate. For the past 4 years I have owned and operated www.BulkReoProduct.com and specialized in bulk real estate owned and commercial properties. I am reworking my website to accommodate partners to partner up and acquire this real estate and I am seeking Honest investors with Integrity to make a tremendous fortune and own a portfolio of wholesale real estate. My vision is to purchase stabilized real estate cheaply, rent it out and pay off the mortgage to own them free and clear within 5-10 years and continue to accumulate massive income streams.



I owned a real estate investment company from 1992-2004. Buying/Selling/Rehab/Renting residential and commercial real estate. I was a senior real estate consultant and deal constructer for my corp., and many other investors. I negotiated with banks and sellers to structure the deal to suit all parties concerned.  I was a realtor for a short while until I learned that my license hindered my ability to structure deals and turned in my license. In 2009 when the market went sour, I opened up BulkReoProduct.com as a consultant between banks and bulk million dollar buyers and put together many deals. I am a marketing strategist by trade and have successfully owned many businesses. I have also been hired by resorts to structure, run and implement their marketing programs for maximum profitability. I am an out of the box thinker and a professional magician and hypnotist.


I have successfully consulted on may commercial real estate deals. The best market in The USA to invest in Commercial real estate is Florida, hands down. There are so many large and small commercial properties going under that banks cannot keep up with the closures. They cannot sell them to make a profit so they are auctioning off these properties all over Florida. I have direct contacts with direct bank reo managers and realtors/brokers who they hire to attempt to sell these commercial properties with majority of then going to auction. My idea is to purchase these commercial properties at 25%-60% ltv, lease them out well under the current rate and pay them off within 5-10 years with the profits generated by being able to obtain them at wholesale and pass off the savings to the happy merchants. The idea is to own the properties free and clear in a short period of time and undercut the competition owning the properties at full price. This profit can then be used purchase other properties with a cookie cutter effect.


Residential to tri-plex

There is a demand for house and apartment rentals here in Florida. With 1000's of properties going under, there is nowhere for the banks to turn to. Present Mortgages are overvalued. There is some assistance from government to lower the principle but not enough to help the average home owner. My solution is to purchase Florida residential properties in bulk and wholesale prices and reduce the current rent so these is no rental competition and provide lease with an option to purchase as opposed to renters. If the lease decides to purchase the property we sell it and make a super profit. If the decide not to purchase, we have a very happy leasee that will take care of the residence as his own, they are responsible for minor expenses and are head ache free. Either way the pay off will be accelerated  and we own the residence free and clear in a short period of time. Duplexes and triplexes are a super way to obtain double and triple cash returns and pay off in record time.


At present, I have numerous investor groups, foreclosure groups, realtors, brokers and bank contacts sending me wholesale deals daily. I no longer aim to be a deal maker and paper pusher. I have the deals, website, marketability to obtain the sweetest deals in Florida.


I have managed my portfolio of real estate for many years. There are too many starving management companies in Florida to worry about management. With the vast investment empire that I am proposing, it will be advantageous to hire local management companies that perform to eliminate travel time waste.

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